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lots of loose ends

Well, I got quite a few things finished up enough to post this weekend.

For a long time I had been sitting on a study of indicators of attitudes toward slavery in South Jersey. Got some much-needed feedback from other people involved in SJ history and am ready to link it in with my site.

It is linked in as

"4) Discussion of persistence of cultural and attitudinal patterns in the Pre-War period (1790 - 1860)"

on the page:

My daughter Chandra also tipped me off to a great project that solicits information from citizens on which major cities they most affiliate with. It was obvious from the map that the affiliation today is a virtual mirror of the old West Jersey/East Jersey line, so I had to get that pic and link up on my site. That spurred me to finalize and link in my page for maps, which I have been working on for months:

I even got the mystery poles page linked in:

Now, yet to do: some of the early writings about West Jersey:

1685: Thomas Budd's "Good Order Established in Pennsylvania and West Jersey"
1698: Gabriel Thomas' "An account of Pennsylvania and West New Jersey"

pieces of these are to be found on the net, so I will just be publishing the pieces that aren't out there now, and linking the parts that are....

then, I'm thinking about a page for George Keith......

SO much to do!!!!
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