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Rip VanChristmas

Have not used this blog in a loooooong time.  Most activity on Facebook now, but if there is a convenient blog on FB I have not found it.  LJ could be a place for lengthier or deeper meditations that could then be linked into FB status when appropriate.

Right now have at least 3 rings in my circus:

1) Work has dominated this year.  I won't be blogging about that here.

2) Dissertation went nowhere this year, tho some good thought and scribbles have come out of me from time to time.  I may do some preliminary blogging on this topic here, but "keepers" will be going to my Stevens Research Blog.

3) West Jersey History is probably the topic which would best be blogged here.  Again, not a lot of advancement for my website, and some serious degradation due to not keeping up with the expiring links.  I've made most of the WJH Roundtable meetings and that is one of the highlights of each month.  I've got tons I want to do with my site, but it should take a back seat to my dissertation, if I ever want that dissertation to be finished.  WJH will be occasional dessert, I guess.

Now - off all previous topics - does anybody know why Pandora leaves a log-in screen up after I have logged in?  To get the music started I have to click the default button on that subscreen, then hit "Back" - THEN I see my stations, and one of them starts playing etc....
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