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wasp tales


anyway, 2 nights later, there are two confused-looking wasps on the 'floor' of the newspaper box. I don't know what complex social unit I must have destroyed but it's sad.

The two I drove away probably never got back, the 2 or 3 left behind lost their half-built home that two are just displaced persons at the bottom of my box... :-(

The Ghost Towns of Southern NJ list had its first flame war today. At least in my experience. I tried to lighten it up with a whimsical post about the time South Jersey was part of the Dominion of New England for a year or so. We shall wait and see the fruits of whimsy ....

Other than that I'm cleaning up for the return of my Meed tomorrow. Took her painting to the AC Art Center today. Got a call in the evening that she was well and about to go to the talent show at Camp Onas (the Quaker High school group).

Tired, but happy and about to go make more cleanliness. Offspring may appear at some point in the weekend, but no certainty on that....

fly the ocean in a silver plane.......see the jungle when it's wet with rain....just remember til you're home again......

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