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taking the plonge


For my first post I will announce that I have gotten an old article on the West Jersey Proprietors up on my site. Being from 1922, it is one year under the magic year of 1923 before which all published works are now Public Domain.

Go PD!

Somer is a'goin' out it seems..Nice nip in the morning. Fall is the best. Summer bites. And stings... Our newspaper box has a nascent wasp nest. I swung by on the way to work, grapped the Press and then as I proceeded down the road I found my car infested by wasps. Well. There were 2. But in a Civic, that's infested. Shrank down until I could pull over. At first I thought that they had nested in my A/C system - would have been a true problem. Then figured out the newspaperian origin. Not sure what to do. Hate to poison the little rascals. Might try to knock it loose. Then tip. Later. Much later...

there are the horse-whisperers
I am the wasp-tipper
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